The Moon Village

Did you hear about the Moon Village ? In March 2016, ESA’s Director General Jan Woerner was interviewed on his proposal on his proposal of a Moon Village, the quest for exploration and 3D printing in space.

Angelika Kapoglou presented yesterday the Moon Village concept at the UN/UNAE High-Level forum towards the Dubai Declaration. According to her :

What the Moon Village is NOT : a traditional space program.

What the Moon Village is :

  • A paradigm shift in the way we design and govern international space exploration projects.
  • An open, inclusive and sustainable architecture to serve humankind.
  • A powerful symbol of unity promoting cultural inclusivity.
  • An innovation platform and research network for the 21st century.
  • A partnership wider and stronger than the ISS.
  • A platform for multiple uses and open to multiple users : both robotic and human exploration.
  • A Turning point, representing us all united as human species.
  • A tabula rasa for our civilization.
  • A creation of a new Lunar Economy.

Angeliki Kapoglou is a systems designer and strategist with an obsession with working across disciplines and large scale systems. She has worked at NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and CERN and she is experienced in leading early phase research and opportunity definition projects. Moreover, after spending last year at one of the world’s leading centers for innovation, the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the at Stanford University, Angeliki became interested in applying Human – Centered Design methodologies to early space mission concept formulation.


Source of the Conference Presentation of Angeliki Kapoglou : SGAC Space Law

See the interview of the ESA’s Director General Jan Woerner here.

More informations about the current status of the Moon, common heritage of Humankind.

Source of Angeliki Kapoglou’s biography : Lady Stardust Space

Picture credit : Freepik


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