The Moon, common heritage of Humankind

The Asgardia Project, revealed to the world on October 12th, aims to create the first ever nation in space, meaning a need to create a new framework for ownership and nationhood in space.

Following that statement, various people (legal professionals, journalists, citizenship applicants and so on) expressed their questions about the territory needed to apply to the United Nations, in order to be recognized as a country. Some pointed the question of setting base on Mars or on celestial objects, like the Moon.

Could a nation set base on the Moon and apply for sovereignty on its soil ?

Here is the current law :

On December 5th 1979, UN General Assembly adopted an agreement project addendum, bound to constitute The Moon Agreement (effective on July 11th 1984) :

The Moon is currently common heritage of humankind. Ressources mining, for example, are to be internationalised, without any national appropriation of the soil – even to set base.

Click here to read the full article.


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